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Jewellery with a timeless elegance

Jewellery with a timeless elegance

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All you need to know about the last global trend

18k Rose Gold: Why Choose It

18 kt rose gold has become a global trend, however many of its peculiarities are worth looking more into to fully understand how this shade has become so popular for all ages.
Here are some fun facts about the word of rose gold.

What is rose gold?
What is rose gold?

18 kt rose gold now represents a very important part of fine Italian jewellery and its nature is always interesting.

Firstly, its particular colouration is due to the mixture of pure gold (75%) and other metals during the production process. Usually 20% comes from copper and silver covers the additional 25%.

Only when the copper percentage exceeds 25% we obtain red gold.

In the case of Burato collections, next to 75% of pure gold is a warm and nuanced mixture of the two metals, that is in perfect equilibrium between yellow and rose gold.

Difference between 18k rose gold and 9k rose gold
Difference between 18k rose gold and 9k rose gold

Knowing the difference between 18-karat and 9-karat and how to distinguish them is necessary to understand why in international trends, 18-karat rose gold is now the favourite for a la paige gifts.

Compared to 9 kt, 18 kt has countless advantages:

• it contains a higher quantity of gold, thus enhancing the typical characteristics of the precious metal; 18 karat gold contains 750/1000 of pure gold. 9 carat gold only half, 375/10;

• being purer, it maintains its shine for longer, making it easier to mantain;

• thanks to its greater preciousness, it is also perfect for more elegant or exclusive occasions;

• it maintains its value over time;

• it is enhanced when combined with diamonds, pearls or precious stones;

• it causes allergic reactions much more rarely, given the low quantity of alloys present;

• having a higher percentage of alloys, 9 carat rose gold oxidizes more.

Fun Fact

If we wanted to make the Arco necklace in 9-karat rose gold, keeping the same measurements and the same volume as the 18-karat version, we would obtain an object with a lower weight.

In fact, the weight of 9-karats fine gold and its value would be less than half of its equivalent at 18 carats.

Difference between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold
Difference between Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

Many believe that yellow gold, due to its original colour tone, is purer and more valuable than rose gold. In reality this is not the case and, indeed, very often this similarity allows those who produce to place low-quality jewels on the market.

In fact, it is the percentage of gold contained and not the colour that determines the value!
So what are the differences between yellow gold and rose gold? The highest quality, in both cases, is in 18 carats; what sets them apart is given by the components that constitute them:

• The colour of 18 carat yellow gold is given by 75% of gold with the addition of complementary percentages of silver (between 12% and 7%) and copper (between 13% and 18%).

• As already pointed out, 18k rose gold is instead made up of 75% of the noble metal, with higher percentages of copper than silver (about 20% and 5%).

Why Choose the Rose Gold?
Why Choose the Rose Gold?

Rose gold jewellery are a luxury trend, so much so that it quickly become part of the most loved and worn jewels. A passion that embraces all categories of jewellery.

Thanks to the unmistakable charm, the glamorous elegance and the warm and delicate nuance, rose gold is the right choice for a woman who loves interesting details. Always in balance between innovation and tradition, a rose gold jewellery is a gift appreciated by young women, attentive to the trend of the moment by wearing a precious object.

A rose gold jewellery is well suited to many different clothing styles: from a classic look to a more informal one, it will always know how to bring out the best in itself and you!


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