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Burato gives you the third year of guarantee for free

We want to give you an additional year of guarantee on your product, ensuring you a tailored service for an even longer time: 3 years of guarantee on all of our products from the online catalog, purchased at a Burato store, an authorized dealer or in our online shop.

Fill out the form below and immediately activate the guarantee extension!

How to activate theExtended Guarantee
How to activate theExtended Guarantee

To activate the guarantee extension, carefully fill in all the data in the form you find above, making sure to enter the correct product code.

Find the product code in the Standard Guarantee sheet, issued by the store at the time of purchase, or in the order email or order package (if you made the purchase in the online shop).

Product Maintenance
Product Maintenance

Burato announces that the Standard jewellery guarantee is valid for two years (24 months) from the date of purchase, to which a further year (12 months) will be added in case of activation of the Guarantee Extension.

In order to take advantage of the Guarantee service, an appropriate use of your Burato products is recommended.

Defects or damage caused by improper use, as well as loss and theft, modifications or replacements made with non-original parts and accessories and unauthorized third party work are excluded.

The use of products or cleaning methods not specifically suitable for the jewel is considered improper treatment, as indicated in the section dedicated to the maintenance of the jewel as the aforementioned could alter or damage them with chemicals.

We invite you to consult the terms and conditions of the Standard Guarantee issued for each Burato product.

Requirements to apply for extended guarantee
Requirements to apply for extended guarantee

All purchased products are covered by a Standard Guarantee, with a validity for two years (24 months) from the date of purchase of the object.

Burato gives you the possibility, free of charge, to extend the standard guarantee period by one year (12 months). To activate the Guarantee Extension, which is added to the 24-month Standard Guarantee, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form on this page, activating its validity no later than fifteen (15) days after the date of purchase.

The warranty extension can only be applied to Burato jewelry purchased in one of the Burato stores, authorized retailers or in the online shop.
Once the form has been completed, a document containing all the recorded data and the confirmation of activation will be sent to the email address indicated, this has to be kept in order for you to use our Guarantee Extension. Shipping costs are understood to be equally divided between the Customer and Burato if the origin and destination of the object are within the Italian territory. Instead, they will be entirely charged to the Customer in the event that the shipment is to be made abroad.

How to request a Guarantee Assistance
How to request a Guarantee Assistance

Customers who have purchased a product and who intend to take advantage of its guarantee, can do so by going to one of the Burato stores or authorized retailers with the jewel to be repaired/replaced, the Standard Guarantee document issued at the time of purchase and, in the case of Guarantee Extension, the document certifying this Extension contacting the Burato customer service via email at or by telephone at (+39) 0438 1914680 to receive all the information regarding the use of the guarantee by shipping the product.


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